NOTE: Air quality is variable and dependent upon a number of factors including; sunlight, temperature, wind speed and direction. Like the weather, it can change from day to day or even hour to hour. Click here for more information on the many variables that impact the ADEQ Daily Ozone Forecast.
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Below you find a number of useful links to information about air quality as well as public and private organizations dedicated to this mission. This includes local, regional and national data from a variety of sources.
Even at low levels, ground-level ozone can cause respiratory problems. Click on the following links to find out what you need to know to stay healthy.

Click here to sign up for Ozone Action Day email notifications. Subscribe to EPA's free EnviroFlash service and receive email notifications of Ozone Action Days and AQI forecasts.

Click here for the Daily Air Quality Index in Central Arkansas. ADEQ issues the daily AQI for the worst air pollutant (ozone or particulates) usually by 9 a.m. The daily AQI is issued year round.

Allergy & Asthma Network
Provides information on how to control allergies and asthma in different situations including high ground-level ozone conditions.

Ozone and Your Health
This EPA brochure is an easy-to-read document that contains general information on ozone, its effect on health, and ways to avoid unhealthy exposure.

Smog--Who Does it Hurt?
This EPA site provides several pages of detailed information on ground-level ozone, prevent ozone-related health problems, and what you can do to reduce smog levels in your community.
These links provide information about ground-level ozone, how it can be harmful and how it's being measured.

Air Quality Guide for Ozone This EPA webpage explains the Air Quality Index (AQI) from the perspective of what you need to know.

Air Quality Info For Kids This EPA webpage provides air quality information and links suitable for ages 7-10 or simplified even further for kindergarten and first grade.
Find out how your everyday routine can make a difference in the air we breathe by clicking the following links.

Rock Region Metro provides fixed-route, demand responsive and other specialized public transportation services in Pulaski County. The RRM website provides bus route and schedule information, as well as news about the River Rail Streetcar Project. RRM is participating in the Ozone Action Days program.

National Idle-Reduction Campaign This EPA webpage explains the problems caused by idling vehicles and what measures can be taken to reduce emissions caused by idling.
Other Resources
If you haven't found the answers you're looking for, we hope the following links will help.

It All Adds Up To Cleaner Air is a unique public education and partnership-building initiative developed collaboratively by several federal agencies to help regional, state, and community efforts to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Home Page features current information and links to the EPA newsroom, as well as the many EPA offices and programs.
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