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Often times during the year special studies are undertaken by the implementing agencies, or are undertaken on their behalves by Metroplan, to provide more detailed information about a particular transportation project or transportation-related issue. These studies are detailed in the current UPWP and can range from planning level documents to specific project design engineering and/or feasibility studies. Depending on the needs and funding availability, these studies are done in-house by staff or contracted to outside consultants. Below are the most recently completed studies.
Consultant Studies

Conway to Little Rock Express Bus Feasibility Study

        I-630 Fixed Guideway Draft Report
        Presentation Boards
        Alternate Alignments

River Rail Study - Phase 2
        River Rail Phase 2 - Final Report

Public Meeting for Alcoa Road Corridor Improvements
        Alcoa Road Access Management Plan
        Presentation Boards
        Typical Cross Section
        Alcoa Road Alignment
        Project map with Benton & Bryant Master Street Plans

2010 Conway Transit Feasibility Study

Congestion Management Process (CMP) - formerly CMS
Since 1996, Metroplan has been tracking and evaluating roadway congestion for the Central Arkansas Regional Transportation Study (CARTS) area. Each fall Metroplan performs travel time surveys on freeways and arterials in the CARTS area. The result of these surveys is formulated into the CARTS Congestion Management Process (CMP) analysis each year.

2011 CMP Report
2010 CMP Report
2009 CMP Report
2008 CMS Analysis
2007 CMS
2006 CMS
2005 CMS
2004 CMS
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