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The creation and maintenance of the area’s long-range transportation plan is a core function
of Metroplan as the region’s designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).
The Metroplan Board of Directors adopted Imagine Central Arkansas, the current long-range
transportation plan for the Central Arkansas Regional Transportation Study (CARTS) area
in December 2014.
Long-range plans are routinely updated every five years and cover a period of twenty to
twenty-five years in the future. Long-range plans are undertaken in an effort to clearly provide
a common vision for investment in improving regional transportation infrastructure during the
plan period.

•     CARTS Design Standards

•     Shared Lane Markings (Sharrows)
Long Range Plan Update

•     Imagine Central Arkansas Transportation Summary Document

•     Imagine Central Arkansas - Blueprint for a Sustainable Region
        (as amended May 2016)
        Appendix A.1: Transportation Facilities and Travel Characteristics
        Appendix A.2: Demographic Trends
        Appendix A.3: Historical Transportation Funding Resources
        Appendix A.4: Housing + Transportation Costs
        Appendix A.5: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
        Appendix A.6: Land Use
        Appendix B: Public Outreach Summary
        Appendix C: Growth and Development Allocation and Evaluation
                              Process for the Regional Growth Scenarios
        Appendix D: Scenario Evaluation Results
        Appendix E: Financial Resources
        Appendix F: Project Evaluation Results
        Appendix G: Project Priorities
        Appendix H: MAP 21 - Will be available soon
        Appendix I: Livability Index
        Appendix J: Fair Housing Equity Assessment (FHEA)
        Appendix K: Environmental Assessment

•      Imagine Central Arkansas Goals and Objectives

•     MAP 21 Safety Fact Sheet: Bike/Ped
•     MAP 21 Safety Fact Sheet

•     I Am Central Arkansas video

•     Faces of Central Arkansas video

•     METRO 2030.2 & METRO 2030 Plan Combined

•     METRO 2030.2 Final Report
View Metro 2030.2
View Metro 2030.2 & METRO 2030 Plans Combined
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